12 m

Yesterday when logging in, I found several IM’s from my friend Jacqueline Trudeau. We have been chatting over a period of time, and I have actually sailed with her during the development of her new boat.

In the IM she told me I had been selected to Beta test the new one! I was so excited, and after dropping hints for the longest of time, grateful that I had not made myself too obnoxious about getting a hold of this beauty!

I spent the better part of the late afternoon sailing and getting to know this boat, and falling in love again.

Yup there are a few small things I found , but no show stoppers in the least, and judging from the looks i could see, (hide your cross hairs people!), the new 12 is a head turner!

No spy shots yet folks, I didn’t ask if i could show any!



Great afternoon – Beta Testing the new Trudeau 12 meter!
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