It was Tuesday night, so that means one thing, the LCC cruise!

The LCC cruises for a long time were one of my favorite things to do in SL, when it came to sailing.

Lately maybe, not so much. And it really comes down to the ignorant, or possibly even intentional hostile behaviors of just a few people.  Interesting enough, they are of the same subset of people which contributed to the current split of the sailing community. Actually, that split has always been there, but there are times like old wounds, they flare up , be come raw and sore and open.  But I guess, that’s a conversation for another time.

So I arrived at the start to be greeted by the usual friends, and completely snubbed by the usual bitch that has been the cause of hostility at these cruises, since last August.  It was then, I decided to just do the sailing portion and not the party, since it was going to be held at this person’s property. I was irritated but OK with it, since really I know I haven’t done anything to this ass. I once considered her a friend, but apparently speaking one’s own mind, and later starting a true sailing forum for the community, (Both of which had NOTHING to do with her.) was too much for this person to handle in any sort of adult manner. It was later I found out from mutual, long time resident that she was described as “unstable” and “just plain bat fuck crazy”. Also, in looking at records of sailing forums past, this same person, part of a group of a few assholes was fighting about the same issues, were using the same BS and rhetoric as far back as 2008. Some people never learn.

After saying hello to a few friends, I rezzed my boat and headed out a few sims from the start. It’s funny, but the amount of Bandit brand boats that are in these cruises is just amazing.

I got to where I wanted to start from, lowered sail,  tuned in the music stream from Benny, and sat back and talked to a few friends gathered there in local chat.



When the start came I was ready to go.  I got out in front and stayed the course. I have found that important, since if you are at the back, with all the traffic thru sims, crashes become far more likely. There were a few that passed, I stay with the published wind speed and direction, however people are free to use what they want . I does amaze me how people will just set optimal direction , crank the wind speed to some insane amount, and zip off like a monorail train. But what ever floats their boat I guess.


The cruise was nice. Starting in some new sims near Second Norway, it worked its way thru some of Sailors Cove, made its way out and thru the southern Blake and then south of Nautilus City and around the light at Rodel.

LCC 2015 02 24 -- Tsurington

For me the sailing was smooth, I never lost the boat and listened to some great bluesy music from Benny.



When I got to Thistle Cove, I was one of the first. I moored, took up my boat and left. I’m sure that not many noticed I was not attending, and thats fine.

In all, I made it a good time for me, and maybe that person noticed I’d have none of her petty BS.




LCC Cruise 2-25-2015