As mentioned in previous reports of sightings and spy reports the newest vessel from J. Trudeau is the 12 metre.

First the Official introduction for her from the maker herself.

This is from the notecard you will receive if you visit the model in the shipyard, (store)

 An Introduction from J. Trudeau:

Introducing Trudeau’s return to the “big boats”, our 12 Metre racer/cruiser.  Based on the real life 12 Metre class, the yachts that raced in the America’s Cup competition for nearly 30 years from the 1950s through the 1980s, the Trudeau 12 Metre is an accurate scale model of these celebrated boats. 70 ft in length – “12 metres” doesn’t indicate the boat’s length, but rather the result of a complex formula whose variables include waterline length, sail area, beam, freeboard, “girth” (the measurement taken around the boat from one sideboard, under the keel, and then over the top on the opposite side back to the original side) – boats designed to this class were first built in 1907.

The America’s Cup competition, suspended during the second world war, when resumed more economical vessels were needed  to replace the huge and expensive J-class yachts that were raced in the 1930s; the 12 Metre class was selected.  We also selected the 12 Metre as a successor to our popular J-Class boat, they are similar in inworld size (the real world J Class boats were nearly twice the size of the 12 Metres).

Size is about the only quality in common between the Trudeau J-class and Trudeau 12 Metre.  Our 12 Metre is constructed of mesh, her lines and detailing are completely accurate and taken from the 1937 wooden 12 Metre “Trivia” (whose wonderful site can be found here:

The Trudeau 12 Metre has a full complement of luffing “Trusails” – main, jib, genoa, and spinnaker.  She has a full and spacious well-appointed cabin for relaxing and lounging belowdecks.

Now that you’ve seen her, you can understand why we consider her the new flagship of the Trudeau fleet :)

As I mentioned, I was involved as one of many in Beta testing, this boat is beautiful! A complete review is in the works and will be done in a few days.

But I will offer this: As an owner of many, many boats, a lot of them Trudeau Boats, this boat will again be something that can only be described as incredible sailing artwork. Like all of the rest of her work, this boat is meticulous in detail, and fun to sail!


Treat yourself and go get one!

It’s Here! The Trudeau 12 Metre is now Released!
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