For me, flying in SL has to be in my top 4 things to do. It’s a passion, and I do think it has something to do with wind and air, just like sailing does.

I have tried a lot of different forms of flying, along with parachuting, and similar stuff, I find it all very fun. The trick though, is finding the right equipment to do all this with.  I now have a sizable collection of prop driven planes, jets, hang gliders, sail planes and the like. There is a lot of junk out there, particularly with hang gliding and parachuting. There are also a lot of junk planes. I guess that goes with all things, the same can be said with boats.

I do have a lot of time invested in checking items out, getting the best, and my collection of flying items shows that. Yeah, not as big as my boat collection, but impressive none the less. And most important, it’s all fun! WOOT!

After the ORS and following concert, I decided to take a nice, relaxing flight and just do a bit of sight seeing. I went to the closest airport to my home and rezzed up one of my favorite small prop planes, a DCA Baron.


Although not quite the same plane in RL, I have this painted up to look very close to the Real Life Cape Air Planes that I see almost every day here on the cape.

After the preflight check, (Yes you actually DO have to do one.), I was ready to go.



I spent about an hour flying the areas west of the Blake, around and over Nautilus city and the surrounding areas.



It can be a little tricky, unlike the water and more dedicated areas like the U.S.S. where prims are allocated as free to support passing boats and aircraft, the mainland is no man’s land. Fly over a full parcel and say goodbye to flying or your plane. Fortunately, I still know the areas well and navigated around known trouble spots.





After seeing my fill, I landed safely, picked up my plane and headed for home.

In all, Saturday was a good day. It’s good to be able to breathe again in SL.


Saturday Part #2
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