After receiving several notices of several closely spaced Town Hall meetings, and being a member of the Seychelles Club, I attended the meeting announced for today.

I had been hearing of an important announcement in the works concerning sailable water, a subject that always has my interest.


The meeting was held in voice, so sadly I can’t print what was said, you will have to go by my memory alone. I recorded it, so I’m confident in what I’m reporting.

I’m sure if I blow a point, someone will correct me.

First, there was a brief mention that the Seychelles had tough times recently. That’s no surprise actually, SL itself and all areas had the typical seasonal downturn, but what was surprising was that thru the work of both Irish and Rain Inoue, (Currently the SIYC Commodore) , turned it around very quickly.

Further, there was brief discussion of how the Seychelles has been working with LL and has been part of an experiment on info hubs and new avatar induction and retention within SL. News of those results will be available next week. Needless to say the Seychelles has been in the ear of LL and apparently is in contact 2 to 3 times week.

Then came the Bad News, followed by Great News.

Recently, Seychelles proposed to LL addition of community water sims. Think sort of like the Blake. They shot big, asking for 30. Sadly they didn’t get them. Bad News.

However, LL did come back and agreed to put in 13 sims. These start filtering in next week, and the designated areas will start appearing! Good News!


The proposed use for these sims is stated as sailing, aviation, and battle.

Further, it’s was explained that it’s very possible that after the successful installation of these sims and continued cooperation between Seychelles and LL, that an additional number of sims will be added toward the end of the year, totaling 30 new sims, all for the same uses! Incredible news!

Details on subjects like race lines, if a new group is required to administrate the area; all that are still in the works, and will be announced as they develop. All that is known now it that LL will be apparently policing the area.

Irish, Rain, and the rest of the staff of Seychelles, should be congratulated on this latest development, this is an example of outstanding work and dedication to doing things right for the sailing community!

SIYC Announces 13 new Linden Lab Water Sims!
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