Yup, and not a moment too soon. As some of you know, I’m from Cape Cod, MA in RL and it’s been a crazy, snowy, cold winter. Last night ANOTHER 6 inches!

But finally, I got the word from Jacqueline that she had enough too, and it was time to change the estate over to spring. I jumped all over it!

Most of my property is fairly easy to change over from season to season, since I originally started with a blank slate water sim, I planned and built from the ground up for these events.

Changing the over all linden ground was a 5 min job.  The rest is a combination of a prim and sculpts I made using a land scanner that creates a thin sculpts covering over the ground. By doing that, I have complete control of the texture of the grounds of my island and get the kind of results I just love. Snapshot_010

The rest was just “heavy lifting” of all my spring / summer outdoor furniture and such.  I did want to add additional stuff here, but ended up and a sort of nasty situation with a furniture dealer, rather abusive and really a bad attitude. But thats another story which I will post!

Anyway, here’s some nice spring pics of my place, I’m feeling warmer already!









Spring has finally sprung for my main house!
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