I have to get this off my chest.

I’m really sick and tired of people in SL thinking they are entitled to everything.


Let me explain. I know some will relate and some may not, but here goes anyway.

Lately, this entitled attitude seems to me, to be increasing at a really crazy and stupid rate.  The sad part about it is that although SL is a special place, the old saying that there is a person behind every avatar.  It’s quite true and sadly, doesn’t speak so well about our current society.

The thing that really irritates me is that it’s occurring all around me. Let me give a few examples:

A small group of people in the sailing community, whom go after people who have been working for the good of all concerning sailing, in one case acting as a liaison with LL concerning boating concerns and infrastructure for many years. Most of these people haven’t been in world for a year, own nothing such as land, use only things that are freebies, and frankly, contribute nothing back to the community or LL, but are proud to live off the backs of others.

Further, they claim to have “Complete free thinking and democracy” yet don’t support that in reality as shown by their actions, want to by “democracy by a vocal minority” lie, and connive to wrench away roles of noted community members with the final outcome of controlling all of the mainland waters themselves. Good luck with that, but being a genuine pain in the ass, making threats and lies, smear campaigns about these giving community leaders, planning and actually carrying out disturbances of events and other such things, has been an unfortunate and nasty result.

Or how about sailing rules in general? As people use waterways more and more, or sail in groups in cruises, things like set winds, and right of way, are secondary or even tertiary to hitting others boats, running them aground in some cases, just to keep on sailing that boat in auto, like a damn car!

Finally, how many of you have had similar things like this happen to you? I keep two homes. I pay GOOD money to get them , build nice builds on them and to keep them, I pay GOOD tier. I allow people around the grounds, but ask that they don’t enter or disturb my houses.

Pretty simple request right? I’m not a person that sticks an orb out and tp’s people home with no warning.

So yesterday, I head home only to find two German chicks screwing in my hot tub. When i patiently ask them to pick up and leave, they demand to know who the hell I am, and what right do I have to tell them to leave. I still didn’t eject them. After leaving, I received no less than 10 messages between the two of them, telling me what sort of an ahole I am. Yes, I finally did block them.

I just really have to wonder what is going to happen to the human race.

Those entitled, versus those who just think they are.
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