Yes! It’s been some time since I posted anything here on the blog, but it’s time to get started again.
It’s not that I have been too lazy, it’s because I have been too busy!

I have been sort of mentally going back and forth on how to get you all caught up with the many happenings, should I do a bunch of episodes or just one big information dump. I decided on a bunch of rapid fire posts because the other way may result in more questions than answers.

So the last post was near the end of March; My how time does fly!
So some basic things:
I’m still single! I have been too busy to really work on that, but I’m thinking It might be time.
I still have and maintain the Three Pines Learn to Sail Center. It does attract quite a few people and it’s my intention to continue to keep it going unless someone decides to come along and offer crazy lindens for it. It also attracts people to other groups and causes, those that I feel are ones that are in the best interest of SL Sailing. I’m sure there are some people that may disagree with my choices, simply put, too bad.
I still have my home, the sim of Sea of Tranquility. When I don’t, I’m probably gone. I would never give it up! The house and grounds are keeping up with the seasons as usual.
I’m still sailing of course, and flying as well. A fair amount of new vessels and aircraft which I will write about separately.
I have upgraded myself with some nicely tuned mesh body parts , making me completely mesh , except for my head, The results achieved with doing this and then proper planning and wardrobe makes me looking better than before in how close to reality.
Basic friends and corresponding enemies are the same. The people intent on giving me a bad time and chasing me out of SL for my honest beliefs are fairly diminished or gone now, their unpopularity and hate filled words and actions, people got tired of and gave them no audience.
VWS is doing well and thriving, with an active membership of 350+, great moderation and new features, it’s now considered by most as the true forum for the WHOLE sailing and boating community.
Vye is still a very large of my second life, keeps me grounded, things between us has been very good. She was with me during some hard times.
My friendship with Analyse is good as well. We have had a couple of projects we have worked on together, some with great results, some not so. But even with some tough patches between us on occasion, I’d like to think that we are still close friends, and there are future projects in the wind.
More on all that later as well.

Hello and Happy Summer!