Ockway Bay

I Sent this note card out to all on my friends list today:

“Hi there! I hope all is well!
Now that my move and construction is complete, I’m just sharing my new location with all the folks on my friends list so that they can find me, and if they wish make use of a good part of my ground level space.
As you may or not be aware i have been living on the Trudeau Estate as Estate Manager for some time. Noting in that relationship has changed. I have swapped to the full sim of the estate instead of one of the homesteads. It’s new name: Ockway Bay.

If interested Have a look on Google, you see why the name.
Plenty of beach area, rezzable areas around docks with easy access to the Blake Area, and in construction the new Ockway Bay Sailing School – More on that later.
The Sim will cycle on a seasonal basis, based on the seasons in New England, and the weather even changes on a min to min basis with the local weather on Cape Cod. I hope you enjoy it!

Maiti “

Well, It’s Official, I’m all moved in!
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