So for those of you who are familiar with the sail boat racing portion of the sailing community, you are probably aware of this crazy , trouble making, freeloader. I sure am. This back stabbing scumbag holds no honor or trustworthiness what so ever and, from years of self admitted drugs and drinking, is now what some insiders call the “SL Enigma Machine”, plain stuff goes in but you never can figure out what is coming out of her.
Recently, after occupying herself with breaking computers, and copying reviews of  half baked computer operating systems – all with a total anti American flourish, she has chosen to come back and take pot shots at myself, people in the sailing community, and of course, people who work and have what she wants for free.

I thought I’d just do a little collection of quotes from her own blog, in her own words, to demonstrate just what sort of thing she is. Mind you these are plucked out in just the last 30 days!  Enjoy!

On Greed and wanting unearned things others have.

“Money talks! That’s a true fact, always and everywhere. So raise our weekly stipends from the meager 300 to 500 L$. Won’t cost you anything, and I know you did it once.”

On Her own true mental situation and excuses for behavior

“Orca, you’re a badly biased bitch!”

“I suffer a rare condition as I’m borderline OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and Hyperactive. Well, yes, that usually doesn’t appear since both are kinda diametrically different. While my OCD forces me to pay heightened attention to detail the hyperactivity disorder usally goes hand in hand with attention deficit. Not so in my case. :/ To make it short and explicitly clear: Orca’s a fukn psycho. :o”

“Lately I see good results from Cefamanit, a homoeoopathic drug made from fly agaric extract. Now we all know how very poisenous that ‘shroom is but in homoeopathic dilution (1:1,000,000) I guess I have a chance to survive. Even the heavy dosage I’m on right now.”

“What is this ‘true reality’ you speak of?”

“What’s the difference to the ‘untrue reality’? Why and where can or can’t I see it?”

“Maybe it was months, maybe it was weeks ago, I honestly never bothered about the timeline, All I know is it was a while ago.”

“Yes, you’re right, nowadays I’m jumping to conclusions because my time is to valuable to waste it on video game politics and argue in all earnesty with girls half my age.”

“So much other stuff to do and I’m mostly too lazy to log on in the first place and so …”

“I’m cool and doing very well in my 5 daily minutes I spend inworld.”


On her hostility with others, both in world and Real Life

“Too bad it was just a hoax. I expected better from our Bavarian LUG (Linux Users Group). ;)” ( in response to a real news story of a bomb threat of a Microsoft building in Germany)

“Here we slowly drifting from spring into summer right now and the only people seeing ghosts and talking to their ancestors are the blackies … if they aren’t drugged/drunk out of their minds.”

“I’m too clever to end up like all of you sock puppets and corporate slaves.”

“Of course most people don’t know who I am, geeze I hope they don’t know me. Because most of the new community are much too green to know about me, and I’m not too keen on making their acquaintance neither.”

“I can see no wobbblyness on my part: You’ll always find me on the good and fair side of things. Of things, Maiti, not of people! I show no loyalty to people. That’s a principle of mine, a strong and often very hurtful principle that cost me dearly.”

“Yes, I contributed quite a lot to the only true forum for sailing in SL.  Admittedly I was never a huge forum contibutor”

“And since I hate being bored I thought to my clever self hey, why getting bored when you can bore other people just as well?”

“Help! Anyone of you good friends with Maiti? Can you convince her to not be such an antisocial asshole?”

“Thx for your response, Maiti. Maybe I was a bit overly hostile in my post but you have to understand that I was rather shocked when I heard about what was going on.”

“I logged into Triumphal, just too find out that it was more or less dead there.”

“And now excuse me please, gotta blow my nose and enjoy the sensation to have broken away from society like 16 years ago.”

“From the first moment I knew you, you were on the warpath. First with Don and Irish, then with Silber and the whole Fizz community.”

My support of you during the Seychelles, Don, Irish affair: Sorry but I really believed you were correct, actually I still think you were in that point. So tell me my posts were wrong at that time. And now use my support of your case against me, how very very typical for you. And how perfectly you’ve proven my point.”

“Was I friendly or at least diplomatic? The fuck I was not! Hateful stupid shite like friendlyness shouldn’t matter in technical fori”

“And she used exactly your very own vocabulary when she took her hat very vocally in a group notice. In the real world we call those people double agents, sock puppets, agents provocateurs … or alts.”

“Alone the fact that you’re talking about the ‘sailing and boating community’ instead of sailing community speaks volumes about the sad state our community is in right now. Powerboaters aren’t sailors, period! You don’t mix ’em in RL, you don’t mix ’em in SL. Natural enemies n stuff.”

“Fact is competitive sailing is and always was the most important part of SL sailing.”


On Internet Theft and Piracy

“Stealing: Didn’t I repeatedly tell my readers that I’m not making use of piracy methods if I can avoid it? And I don’t steal content from sites which are offering stolen content for free. You can’t steal from those then, it’s only logical. It’s called content sharing.”

“It was only the most uncool spoilsports warning us of the illegality of sharing our music. As if any really hip 12 y/o, hanging with the in-crowd, would give a single fuck about legal and illegal.”

“In so far I just can’t understand why all those copyright and content mafiosi are so upset about a bit of piracy. All the billions of lost profit they are claiming are just imaginary; they wouldn’t have gotten the money anyway since nobody would’ve heard about the existence of their garbage in the first place, and their shit is so shitty nobody would’ve bothered checking it out.”

“Now I just need to wait for the statistics, and then – if this experiment in clickbaiting shows some success – make a SL porno blog. Or lower the quality of this blog even farther.”

“As I just read on TorrentFreak it is now certain that the YTS site will stay offline. This marks the end of an era for many interwebz plunderers as YIFY/YTS was one of the most adored icons in bittorrent circles. /me sighs, mumbles a »Thank you for the good times, YIFY and OTTO and team« and deletes the YTS bookmark from her browser. :..(“

“Don’t they have any idea about how stuff works? People, honoured suits, capitalist minions and sock puppets, this is the real world, not some capitalist wonderland. You guys should know that all those Blu-ray rips out there are made from officially purchased and licensed media; if anything they are serving as free advertising for your products.”

“So there must be something in it for them if they agree to settle out of court. “… some type of information sharing” sounds in my non-expert ears like MPAA will get access to YTS’s database of IP numbers of their users … uiuiuiiiii.”

“Lucky me then. As I’ve already told you before on various occurances Orca won’t steal movies! Like ever. However, not only am I completely innocent but I’m also much to poor to make a profitable target for the MPAA anyway.”

30 days of Orca Flotta or why the need to avoid this Crazy Bitch!