56b819398fbc862ea1c9ab760ec57c09It is with no regret that I have been forced to remove Petra Paname from the position of administrator and remove from her any access to higher functions within the forum, retaining only the same as what a normal member would have. That also includes her to adhere to the set rules. Sadly, only a very small part of this has to do with my eventual withdrawal from daily functions for the forum due to my illness. My original plans included Petra to remain in the management team as one of two or three owners such as has been our set up since the beginning. Sadly, she has forced her participation in that into an impossibility.
Apparently, Petra had decided there were several items she wanted changed in the IF and FS series Boats, produced by Bandit, and The Mesh Shop. The dispute apparently was one in which by accounts from both parties involved, (Petra, and Analyse) apparently carried over several exchanges. I did try to get the parties together, however Petra resented these efforts and would not attend. The arguments by IM between the two of them, to me really are not relevant to this announcement, there for I don’t have copies, and not am I very interested. What’s relevant to me is the resulting IM’s to ME from Petra which demanded the immediate firing from the forum of Analyse “Because she could not work with her so she has to go or else.” What exactly arguments over a boat has to do with their involvement with a forum where they both had little contact is still beyond me. There were several of these demands made on me along with multiple false accusations directed at me and just obnoxious crap, finishing with the one IM on this last Sunday.
The interesting part of this whole thing is the concerns Petra claim to have had concerning the possibility of cheating and wanted to have changes made that had nothing to do concerning anything of the sort. Further, she went as far to try and push her point by pulling a weekly IF race she held, due to these concerns, yet continues to allow the same boats in other weekly races, and even goes as far as uses them in the header picture of her new blog! The reason, she if doesn’t race IF boats which plenty of other clubs do with no complaints at all, and even with all these “concerns” she stops entirely, she will lose better than half of people coming to her events. She attempted to force her own agenda and she pushed the wrong person too far.
The basic reasons for this removal could have been explained simply as it was due to her request, but because of several hostile actions since perpetrated by Petra, and now harassment by another she has enlisted in attempts to disrupt forum functions and other people’s topics, those whom have nothing to do with this dispute, while blocking fellow members from the enjoyment of a relatively friendly and constructive environment, I feel the need to completely divulge the reasons behind this final decision. However, this forum’s rules do not allow me to do that here, so I am placing all of this on my personal blog, which if interested you may read in its entirety there.


2016/04/04 07:07:09] Petra: See what your buddy Analyse is doing with the Tri-Club series?
[2016/04/04 07:07:43] Maiti Yenni: she on the other line her father died last night so back the fuck off
[2016/04/04 07:08:10] Petra: Oh, so that gives her the right to act like an ass?
[2016/04/04 07:08:25] Petra: we need to forgive her for her stupidity?
[2016/04/04 07:08:39] Petra: and why do you now swear at me?
[2016/04/04 07:08:46] Maiti Yenni: im telling you right now shut the fuck up
[2016/04/04 07:08:50] Petra: What did I do to you?
[2016/04/04 07:08:52] Maiti Yenni: you understand?
[2016/04/04 07:09:07] Petra: Yes, I had a father who died
[2016/04/04 07:09:12] Petra: I know what its like
[2016/04/04 07:09:27] Petra: why do you swear at me?
[2016/04/04 07:09:30] Petra: leave her out of it
[2016/04/04 07:10:42] Petra: Or does her father dying give you the right to be rude?
[2016/04/04 07:11:24] Maiti Yenni: how aboutr he died of cancer just like im about to
[2016/04/04 07:11:48] Maiti Yenni: just like several friends of mine have in the last 3 days
[2016/04/04 07:11:52] Petra: so that give you the right to be rude to me?
[2016/04/04 07:12:04] Maiti Yenni: how about you worry about her besides a fucking boat race
[2016/04/04 07:12:08] Petra: My mum died of cancer, my Dad too
[2016/04/04 07:12:16] Petra: am I rude to you because of that?
[2016/04/04 07:14:32] Petra: But all is fine. Your priorities are just great. Feel free to be rude anytime. Ciao
[2016/04/04 07:16:24] Maiti Yenni: oh trust me im not done
[2016/04/04 07:16:29] Maiti Yenni: i have had it with you
[2016/04/04 07:16:42] Petra: what di I do to you?
[2016/04/04 07:16:48] Maiti Yenni: btw im helping run the race you are so worked up about
[2016/04/04 07:16:56] Petra: feel free to list all the faults
[2016/04/04 07:17:04] Petra: yes I know
[2016/04/04 07:17:26] Maiti Yenni: this is the first i hear from you after you threatening me 2x, and you think that was all and forgiven?
[2016/04/04 07:17:39] Maiti Yenni: we arent even close to being settled
[2016/04/04 07:17:42] Petra: I never threatened you
[2016/04/04 07:17:46] Petra: silly girl
[2016/04/04 07:18:22] Petra: I said i’m not going to be involved in the forum if Analyse is
[2016/04/04 07:18:29] Petra: that is no threat
[2016/04/04 07:18:39] Petra: jeez, get a grip
[2016/04/04 07:20:54] Second Life: You have blocked this Resident. Sending a message will automatically unblock them.
[2016/04/04 07:51:00] Second Life: You have blocked this Resident. Sending a message will automatically unblock them.
[2016/04/04 07:52:07] Maiti Yenni: first of all where do you get off speaking to me in any, way shape or form , and complaining about someone whos is a team member after i just tell you her father died last night? the fucking body is still warm?
[2016/04/04 07:52:40] Maiti Yenni: doesnt that kinda indicate that maybe you need to knock it off a bit?
[2016/04/04 07:54:14] Maiti Yenni: know what im not sitting here for an answer
[2016/04/04 07:54:22] Maiti Yenni: so heres you chance
[2016/04/04 08:01:26] Maiti Yenni: exactly what i thought


Folks, that’s a small sample of what I had to put up with several times and frankly the other times Petra was far more demanding and nasty with me. This time honestly, anyone with any sort of decency, would have backed off and dropped the “complaint” for at least another time. Petra has started a free blog and has pulled any useful information from VWS concerning North Sea Racing, which was done willingly by our personnel at her request.

Personnel Change at Virtual World Sailing – Petra Paname Fired